Monday, June 21, 2010


I was so honored to be a part of my dear friend Decima's wedding this past weekend. It was a wonderful few days that my husband and I spent in Chicago with her, her family, and some mutual friends and acquaintances. A beautiful first day there was spent sampling coffee at Intelligentsia (the bride to be pictured there above) and viewing some of the beautiful masterpieces at the Chicago Institute of Art. It was a wonderful day. Below are some of the more impressive moments.

I loved this one for its mood.

In the presence of Rubens. Looking at the flesh of his subjects is the same as feeling its temperature, firmness, even its humidity. Amazing.

Viewing Beata Beatrix.The best photo I have of Decima's wearable art - which I got to wear for the wedding!

The glamorous bride.

O mio Babbino caro...

Christen also in Decima couture...

...also wearing a gown by the bride, the artist Lauren Pope.

The Ketubah.

Mr. and Mrs. with some of the bridal party after signing the Ketubah.

The new missus. I think it agrees with her.


Jenna said...

Thanks so much for the invitation and the pictures! It looks lovely! I'm glad you enjoyed the museum also - you shall have to come to Paris for the Musée d'Orsay and Company!

Loyal Scott said...

Lovely photos~

Decima said...

Ahh Thank you so much for sharing! I love the one with the photographer in the frame, and the one of me sitting on the stairs. I am so glad you put these up. I also received 900 photos from the photographer yesterday. There are some good ones, but I need to sift through them. some would be better cropped and what not. I will e-mail you later. Lauren put up a video of the first dance, and I have one of Lauren and John puttin' on the Ritz. Ha. Hugs to you.

Decima said...

Uh. It just deleted my comment.
I love these photos! Thank you for posting them. I especially like the one with the photographer in the frame, and the one of me sitting on the stairs. I just received 900 photos from the Photographers, I am sure there will be some good ones. Just flipping through though I am unhappy with the ketubah signing photos. :( I let them know it was important, and in one of the photos I see my darling Anne's hand in the position the same as the photo you know I love (she did it cause she loves me;) however I SEE NO ANNE! I am hoping maybe someone else got a good one, or maybe they have another one in the raw images that can be salvaged.

Maybe this comment is too long?

By the way I found some images of you at the Art Institute when you visited the last time. I want to scan them in for you.

Thank you for these photos. I will call you this week.
-Mrs. Brausa

Doamna said...

Mrs. Br. - I have more photos that I can share...maybe via e-mail?